My favorite day is #saturday…enjoying a long cup of coffee while flipping through the week’s stack of catalogs, I remind myself of all the inspiration I soaked up that week. It makes me want to create something that's happy, that brings light and life to the space around it. At its base level, that's what my art is – taking colors and textures and arranging them in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. And I love doing it.




I'm inspired by my surroundings, and influenced by seasons and their mood: from the composition in a catalog spread, to the hues in a row of houses that unexpectedly work in harmony. Art does different things for different people – I design and paint to lift spirits. Happiness can come through in a cheerful color palette, perfectly proportioned kerning, or the whimsical bounce of brushstrokes on a canvas. 




I love to eat. There isn’t a food I won’t eat. I have always had an affinity for grapefruit, but this year I have been really obsessed with all citruses - and they have found their way onto my canvases. Friends had me paint them an avocado, which I was a little too excited about. My fave chef approached me to collaborate with him on a logo for his booming business, Chef’s Menu LLC. A lot of things I do and love revolve around food; for example, my perspective on traveling new places is simply eating & drinking in a new environment. And if that thoughtfully crafted cocktail ends up pouring out of my paintbrush when I get back from vacation, well sometimes that’s how beautiful art is created.




Simple, clean design is my JAM. I studied Industrial Design at Georgia Tech, where I was challenged to fuse form and function in the most minimalist way I could manage. Balancing positive and negative space in a way that’s pleasing to the eye brings me joy. An element of optimism comes to life through my work, and I want to give others some of that contagious spark. It's yours to hold onto!

Photos by Camille Pendley